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Surfs Up!

The surf was up and the sky was blue, it was still freezing cold though! Had a lovely time on the beach this Saturday with Dusty and Cleo, the waves were breaking hard and it was too rough for the girls to go in, but it was beautiful. Then on

Easter break at Tinsmith’s House

Woken up to bright blue sky and sun on Easter Sunday. Set the table with an Easter theme (a pot of daffodils and chocolate eggs) for guests staying with us this weekend. They have just gone off to Waxham Beach, dipping into the newly opened East Ruston Old Vicarage Garden

Rocky Bottoms hit the right note for fresh seafood

We enjoyed a great walk last Saturday and popped in for a really tasty seafood lunch at @rockybottoms1 just outside Cromer on the North Norfolk coast. It was their first weekend open after their closure for the winter season. The owner is a local fisherman and it is one of

Afternoon tea in beautiful Blakeney

We took time out from our work on Friday last week to enjoy an afternoon tea at the Blakeney Hotel, one of our favourite places to enjoy this quintessentially English treat. We have put together a list of our personal recommendations HERE See more about tea at the Blakeney Hotel

Winter walks

We have had some wonderful sunny days to enjoy recently. Dusty and Cleo certainly can’t get enough of the sea at the moment, even though it must be close to the coldest it can be. We have had a number of people booking in recently who are keen walkers and

Looking up into the night sky

Looking at the night sky over Tinsmith’s House thinking about today’s amazing announcement about the detection of Gravitational Waves caused by an event when two black holes collided 1.3 billion years ago. Proving a phenomenon predicted by Einstein when he formed his theory of general relativity all those years ago.

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